Best Female Enhancements, Libido Boosters & Sex Pills


The need to have great sex in bed is just as important for women as it is for men. But how do you cope when you’re experiencing low sexual libido and a subdued sex drive?

To improve the quality of your sex life and attain higher pleasures and sexual satisfaction in the bedroom, you’ll need the help of the best female enhancements!

Best Sexual Supplements = Better Sexual Performance

You may be surprised to find that there are plenty of female enhancement products, sex pills, sexual supplements, breast pills and libido boosters for females in the market. But how would you know if a particular female enhancement supplement is the right one for you? More importantly, how do you separate the best female sexual supplements from the fake ones?

Look no more. We’ve compiled a list of the best female enhancement products that are available for you right now. What’s more, we’ve broken it down to help you make a more informed decision about the sex enhancement supplements you’re interested in. Check out our recommendations and the top women’s sexual supplements and products on each category below.

Best Female Sexual Enhancement Pills

Female enhancement products come in all shapes and sizes. There are women’s sex pills, gels, creams, and sprays out there. You can obtain prescriptions on popular female enhancer drugs, i.e., Tadalafil and Sildenafil Citrate, or you can go the natural herb supplement route with libido boosters containing ingredients like Horny Goat Weed and Yohimbe, etc.

boost-female-libido-best-women-sexual-enhancements-supplementsIncreasing your libido will do wonders for your sexual health. Having a low libido can cause sexual side effects such as an inability to reach a sexual climax, clitoris stimulation problems and poor performance in the bedroom. You can experience a dry vagina and lack of sex, or worse, infertility. This becomes a problem not only for you but for your spouse as well.

Female enhancements give you a tremendous boost in terms of sex drive. You can choose from an array of options and organic ingredients to bring you back to the level of libido you’ve longed for. Moreover, these best female enhancement products bring about greater sexual desire and women’s libido to the table. Some of the best female sex pills we’ve come across are the following:

These are the best herbal alternatives if you’re not fond of using Female Viagra. Read our in-depth review of HerSolution Pills, one of the best female enhancement pills around.

Female sex pills are one of the easiest, most convenient and cost-effective method for increasing your need to have sex, boost libido and improving the quality of your sex life.

Female Sex Gels, Oils, and Enhancement Creams

One of the most popular alternatives to female sex pills are female enhancement topical products, i.e., oils, lotions, and female sex creams. The method of delivery is via a transdermal passing of the components that would increase your sex drive and libido.

You can expect these female sexual products to work almost immediately, which means there’s no waiting for the product to take effect. It gives you the edge over female sex pills that are to be taken 30 minutes to an hour before the planned intercourse. Some women reported that enhancement creams are more convenient to use as compared to vaginal tightening gels and caps.

You may be stuck in a phase in your life where sex has become almost non-existent. The desire to have sex is so low that it’s below your priorities. You may be feeling lonely and in need of some action in the bedroom, but your body and sex drive just aren’t working. This is where the best female enhancements could come in handy!

Sex enhancement creams, vaginal tightening products, and oils for women are created with the woman in mind. Thus, these products are safe to use and won’t irritate your most sensitive female parts. Female enhancers such as HerSolution Gel and Vigorelle are popular because they open new sexual doors for women of all ages. Moreover, they are made from all-natural ingredients and could work alongside any other medication you may be taking.

best-female-enhancement-pills-breast-drugs-libido-boostersWouldn’t it be nice to have the same pleasure in sexual encounters like that of the male counterpart? The best female enhancement solutions do just that. It’s a fact that not all women are satisfied with how they achieve or maintain an orgasm. Some women have even mentioned how difficult it is to maintain their sexual desire and reach orgasm throughout intercourse.

Companies have listened to this concern and came up with female enhancement supplements such as female sex pills, vaginal lubricants and vaginal tightening creams that are safe to use and 100% reliable.

How do vaginal tightening creams work? The cream has some ingredients and components that close the gap between the muscles and vaginal cells, making it more compact. You can acquire a lot of benefits when you tighten your vaginal tissues before having sex in the bedroom.

For one, a tighter vagina will bring you and your partner more pleasure as the contact points between the two organs will be increased. Two, your partner will be more excited when penetrating a tight vagina, which increases the intensity of the action. Third, you will have a better chance of the penis making contact with your g-spot, which is the most pleasurable part of the female organ. G-spot stimulation will bring you to new sexual heights, which in turn make you orgasm more and make for a better sexual experience!

If you are one of the millions of women around the world who’s suffering from low libido and sex drive, then it wouldn’t hurt to try out female enhancements to fulfill that need. Taking a female sex pill or applying a vaginal tightening cream will bring something new to the bedroom. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much you enjoyed sex that you’ll be looking forward to the next encounter!

Female enhancements are a great way to bring something new to the table. Even if you’re not experiencing a significant decline in your sex drive, having a libido booster should spice up your next sexual encounter to the next level. In fact, you might love it so much that you make it a part of your sexual routine!

Here are some of the best women’s sexual enhancements:

The best thing about these sex lubricants is that they are available online and can be discreetly shipped straight to your doorstep.

Check out our top review of Vigorelle arousal cream, one of the best female sex lubricants around.

If you’re looking to eliminate pesky sexual problems such as a dry or an itchy vagina, or looking to elevate your sexual experience in the bedroom, try out our recommendations of the best female enhancement products now. You won’t be disappointed!

Best Breast Pills and Natural Enhancement Creams

Men like it big because it gives them additional sexual pleasure and something to look at during sexual intercourse. All women desire to have bigger breasts to complement their figure. Having bigger boobs make it all the sexier and allow you to turn a man on with a little red dress. Breast pills give you a higher sex appeal!

But not all women are receptive to having silicone breast implants due to several reasons. It’s fake and it doesn’t feel as natural as a real one. A surgical implant may cause more problems than benefits. Thanks to breast pills and natural breast enhancers, women can now get a bigger breast size using natural methods. These creams and breast pills make your breast larger via an augmentation therapy that stimulates the breast tissue and estrogen hormones. This is the solution you need if you want a more bountiful bust.

Breast enhancement products come in all shapes and sizes. There are breast enlargement pills, breast pumps, breast enhancing creams, and breast massage devices. Out of all these, breast pills and creams have proven to be the most reliable way to increase your breast size and plumpness.

Some of the best breast pills and enhancement creams we recommend are the following:

You may combine both breast enlargement gels or creams with breast enlargement pills to get the maximum effect. It’s a 2-part system that will complement each other well to get you what you need in a short span of time. Keep in mind to heed the label and read the instructions before use.


Women desire to be sexy, young and have great assets. Aside from the female enhancement products listed above, we also recommend you use 2 more supplements to get the best results. Instant Knockout weight loss supplement is a unique fat burning and weight loss supplement that will give you great results when you wish to slim down like never before, while HGH Releaser GenF20 Plus is one of the top anti-aging and human growth hormone supplement around. If you’re interested in knowing more about them, you may visit their websites listed below:

The best female enhancement products and sex pills for women are designed to give you maximum results in a long-term setting. While you’ll see notable improvements when you take in sex pills, breast pills, and hormone boosters in about a month, you’ll stand to gain more permanent results when you continue using them for 2 to 3 months!


  1. I spent a great deal on this site and now I know what I am doing. I asked my doctor about taking natural supplements to help with my libido and he just kept saying they don’t work. He was trying to put me on some off the wall drug that has tons of side effects! NO THANKS! I am going to give the natural approach a try.

  2. How do I approach my wife with this? She has not been in the mood for anything in MONTHS. We went to the doctor and she found out her hormone levels were off. It was recommended that she used hormone therapy but she panicked at the thought. I think a more natural approach is better but I have to be able to talk about it without offending her 🙁

  3. I was on the fence with getting my breasts enlarged for the longest time. My boyfriend naturally supported it but as time went on, he decided he was against it. His friend’s wife who got them done lost all sensation and they felt hard and cold I guess. So yeah, I backed away from that. I am looking into pills to enhance them now and I have seen some amazing results. Great article, very helpful!

  4. I was embarrassed. I never know this was something that so many women struggle with. Unlike men, it isn’t really talked about. I found myself wanting to ask my friends for help but I just couldn’t do it. I am glad I found this site. I have an idea of what to look for and what will work for me!

  5. I haven’t had an orgasm in almost 2 years and I’m getting desperate! I don’t understand why this is happening to me because my husband tries so much. What is wrong with me and do I need some libido boosters for females?

    • Your inability to reach sexual climax could be related to a lot of things like stress, not feeling attractive anymore (or even fat), age or something else that might be bothering you.

    • You should try something like Vigorelle and see if it works for you. It did for me and my sex life was almost nonexistent as well. Now, we have sex 3 times a week, at least.

    • Maybe you are very stressed from work and that is affecting you in more ways than you know. You could be too tired (again from work) and just not find the strength for this. Like others have said, it could be caused by a lot of things. Maybe you should consider Provestra or HerSolution pills.

    • Had the same problems as you, honey and after looking around a bit I found the best female enhancement products: Vigorelle and Provestra. I tried both because I like the diversity. They are both amazing and my sexual life has benefited greatly from them.

    • You should definitely try any kind of libido boosters for females. Any recommended here will do, it all depends on your preferences. I recommend the Brestogen cream and the HerSolution pills. This combo is amazing!

    • It wasn’t a long time ago when my wife had serious sexual problems. She didn’t even want to get close to me not to mention have sex. I didn’t understand what was happening and I thought I did something wrong. Turned out the stress from her workplace got the better of her. She ordered some Provestra and now we’re having a lot more (great) sex!

    • Monique, can you give us more details so we can give you a better solution. You’ve not said much about this and it’s hard to figure out what could be wrong.

      • Thank you to everyone that replied and I will now give more details. I work in a stressful environment, I take work with me at home, I don’t eat good food (mostly junk food) and my sleeping patterns are all over the place.

        • Yeah, I thought that much. I was thinking you must be working in a bad, stressful environment. I recommend you try Provestra first and see what that does for you. You might also (i know it’s hard but try it at least 3 days a week) to sleep in before 10PM and get up earlier and make love to your husband.

          • I will try to wake up earlier but the problem is that I don’t have that excitement I once had. I don’t know if I will want to have sex with him.

            • I would add (besides what Allison said) that you should drink lots of water, workout in your home for at least 5 minutes as this alone will raise your sexual desire a lot.

              • How do i get the energy to workout? When I get home I’m really tired and just want to lie down.

                • Go to bed earlier and wake up 1 hour earlier in the morning. Workout for 5-10 minutes (maybe try Tabata?), then take a shower and love your husband.

                  • Will try that. I will give Provestra a try, try going to bed early, wake up early, workout for a bit and then stay with my husband. I really hope things will change.

                    • Let us know how it goes for you. I’m certain your experience could help someone else.

                    • I can’t believe the changes I’ve experienced in the last 14 days! Provestra is great and my new-found habits of going to bed earlier, getting up with 1-2 hours early than I used to, working out for 10 minutes and staying with my husband are amazingly good for me! We’ve started having sex again and I am feeling a lot better overall. Thank you to all that helped me get back on track! Kisses xoxoxoxo

    • The best female enhancements are those that give you more sex drive and help you have better sex. Not all supplements can do this. From my personal experience, Vigorelle did the best job.

  6. I had a dry vagina for months. Don’t know why but it was terrible. Sometimes I would get wet and ready for action only to have it last 4-5 minutes and then dry again :(. My savior was Lyriana and I highly recommend you try it if you have a dry vagina like I used to.

    • Lyriana and Vigorelle are two of the best female enhancement products on the market now. Tried both and I honestly don’t know which one is better. They both seem to work well.

      • They are both among the best female enhancement products so it’s ultimately a matter of preferences.

        • I did it for comparison purposes. I first tried Vigorelle and then somebody suggested I try Lyriana because it would be better. It was the same for me.

  7. I have some clitoris stimulation problems and am looking for the best female sexual supplements for this.

    • Look no further than Vigorelle. It’s going to solve all your problems, believe me. It solved mine and I didn’t have a sex drive (it was almost zero).

      • Not saying that Vigorelle will not work but I recommend HerSolution pills. They’ve worked great for me since day 1. Try them and see if they work for you as well.

        • Well, the ones outlined above are the very best female enhancement products so any of them could work, but you should go with your gut feeling. If I were you I would go for Vigorelle because I’ve heard the most good things about it.

          • I would also go with V. It’s well known, most women have had a good experience with it and it’s a great first choice. If it doesn’t work then maybe try Lyriana.

            • Ok. I will try Vigorelle since you say it could be a good choice. I am going to go with my gut and try this.

  8. What do you do when your wife has these sorts of problems and doesn’t want to try creams and pills to see if they work or not? I just don’t know what to do.

    • You go find a new wife! Just a stupid joke hahaha. What I would do is talk to someone she trusts. I know it’s hard to do this but if someone else tells her she needs to make a few changes, she will probably listen.

      • I think Major Nick’s advice is spot on. Or you could just order a cream or a gel and just “ease” her into using it. Don’t pressure her; just let her know you are there for her and that she should at least give it a try.

        • Yeah, but how do I do that? I could potentially speak to her mother but that’s a really uncomfortable conversation to have.

          • Tell her mother this is an uncomfortable conversation but that this is a huge problem that could lead to a separation. Tell her you really love your wife but also need sex. She will probably understand how serious this is and solve the whole problem.

              • Thank you so much for your advice, Major Nick! It worked like a charm and I can’t believe my wife changed her mind in such a huge way in just a few days! It just goes to show you the power of a mother’s words!

  9. Used female Viagra and it didn’t do anything at all. I am considering trying either the HerSolution pills or Provestra. What should I try first?

  10. My breasts are not very big but my husband prefers them bigger. I want to make him happy so was thinking about trying the Total Curve gel and pills. Has anyone tried them?

    • Or you can use the Breast actives cream and pills which also work very well. It’s a matter of personal faves.

        • Another thumbs up for Total Curve. Works great but make sure you get both the gel and pills. The combo works way better than if you just use one and not the other.

          • Well, I guess Total Curve it is then. It better work 😉 as I want to surprise him with some big tities in a few months :)).

    • That will work well but you’ll need to use for a good amount of time to see some real improvements. Probably 3+ months depending on your desires.

      • I would aim for close to 6 months for the best results. 3 months should give you some nice improvements.

  11. @Monique – That’s amazing, Monique! Thank you for sharing this with us and I hope you get even better results in the near future!

    • Never, ever consider yourself unappealing. I’m certain your husband loves you and likes the way you look and this is most likely all in your head. That aside, you can use IK to burn some extra fat.

    • You have no reason to feel that way, honey. And I’m sure it’s just in your mind, but yes, if you really want to try it, the IK fat burner will work. I have a good friend who’s used it with great success. You will trim down a decent weight in a few weeks.

      • Weeks? I was thinking more like a week. I want to feel appealing again. My sex drive is down the drain every time I look in the mirror.

        • You shouldn’t mess up your body and aim for losing too much weight too quickly. Take it easy and make it last. If you lose 20 pounds in 5 days and end up putting 30 pounds back, will that be better?

    • Make it a goal of yours to lose weight. Use Instant Knockout, and also workout at least 10-15 minutes (don’t need to go to the gym for this, just do it from home). This will ensure you lose weight and start feeling better about yourself because of working out.

      • Not big on workouts but I guess I could do 5-10 minutes a day. Going to get Instant Knockout very soon.

  12. Just wanted to give a quick shoutout to HGH Releaser GenF20 Plus which is just a game-changer. It fights aging and will change your mood for the better.

    • I agree. I was in such a moody state that my husband didn’t even want to be around me. That is until I used this. Things changed rapidly and I feel much more positive now.

    • My skin looks a lot younger after just 3 weeks of usage. Plus my sexual life has gotten better.

      • I also noticed that about the sex life. I have a much stronger sex drive now, am generally in a good mood and my husband says I’m lighting the room with my smile :).

        • That’s awesome! Your husband deserves praise for noticing that and for voicing it out. And yes, HGH has that kind of effect on people.

  13. increase your libido in female with herbal remedy, and it can grow your sex drive within 7 days of usage many women around the world that have used it, contact dr santy via whatsapp now…


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