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In the early years of a man’s life, one doesn’t worry too much about a small, walnut-sized gland located in-between his penis and bladder. The prostate gland becomes a factor as you advance in years down the line. It’s so important that your quality of life may just very well depend on it!

The most common prostate problem is BPH, or Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia for men who are aged 50 and above. It’s an enlarged prostate condition that needs to be addressed as soon as you can.

If you’re not careful, you’ll start to experience troubling changes in your toilet habits, including not being able to completely empty your bladder, decreased urine flow and an increase in the need to pee. It may even get worse – you’ll often wake up in the middle of the night with the sudden urge to urinate.

Are there prostate supplements that can help you get back to a normal life? You bet. Below, we have outlined a comprehensive guide about prostate care and list our recommendations regarding the best prostate supplements available today.

Common Prostate Problems and Conditions

The prostate disease is one of the things you have to think about when you get older. This gland is susceptible to various health conditions such as the aforementioned Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, Prostatis and of course, prostate cancer, all of which affect millions of men all over the world.

Why is the prostate particularly susceptible to disease? It all starts when the body eases off on the testosterone hormone production. Estrogen gets the upper hand, which causes an internal imbalance. This imbalance is thought to be one of the major reasons why BPH and prostate cancer development.

Prostate supplements work by supplying the body with essential phytoestrogens that attach themselves to estrogen receptors, effectively blocking it and causing less estrogen hormone production. The best prostate supplements shut out excessive estrogen production to restore hormonal balance and overall well-being.

DHT, or Dihydrotestosterone is also one of the elements that contribute to prostate issues in aged men. Too much DHT can lead to excessive tissue growth in the urethra, which then causes urinary problems. BPH and DHT have a correlation – studies have shown that men who have great amounts of BPH in their prostate also have great amounts of DHT in their bodies, which isn’t healthy at all. The lesser your body produces DHT, the lesser the BPH.

Furthermore, scientists have found that BPH is one of the main culprits in various prostate complications. Men with great amounts of BPH may find their prostate glands enlarged, which puts enormous pressure on the urethra, blocking the flow of urine. The bladder will have to exert more effort in expelling the waste out the system, gradually weakening it over time. The desire to urinate becomes stronger even if the bladder isn’t full.

Over time, the pressure causes the urethra to narrow down even further, causing eventual bladder problems. It’s uncomfortable, inconvenient and embarrassing. More BPH means more of the following symptoms:

– Continued urine leakage even after you’re done peeing.

– More effort required to urinate.

– Involuntary starting and stopping of the flow of urine.

– Bedtime urinating becomes more often.

– Urinating becomes a more pressing matter.

– Having difficulty starting the motions of urinating.

– The irritating feeling that your bladder is not completely empty.

– The flow of urine is unusually weak or slow.

As a side note, Prostatis is a condition wherein ejaculation and urination is a painful affair. There’s blood in the urine, noticeable pain in the lower back and groin and may even come with fever and the chills.

Prostate Cancer Prevention

Prostate cancer is a condition that affects millions of men globally each year. The symptoms are closely related to that of BPH and Prostatis. It’s of utmost importance that men should be aware of what’s happening inside their bodies and take the steps to take care of their prostate at an early age.

Studies have found that prostate cancer has 5 forms. In the EBioMedicine journal, researchers have published a game-changing document that could change the landscape of prostate cancer and current treatment methods forever. Within the findings, the researchers have uncovered how to classify different tumors based on the tumor’s growth, size, and shape.

In the context of the prostate findings, physicians may now formulate a specialized therapy according to the tumor that’s found in the prostate, all tailor-made according to the patient’s unique condition. This could possibly lead the way to more effective prostate cancer treatment and higher cure rates.

Before this, all prostate tumors were thought to be one and the same, which meant that treatment was non-specific. To some patients, the treatment worked; others weren’t so lucky. Prostate cancer remedies were generalized and efficacy was truly inconsistent.

best-prostate-pills-prevent-prostate-cancer-supplements-reviewsWhy is prostate cancer so difficult to cure? It could be the fact that cancer itself is hard to treat. UK Cancer Research Professor Malcolm Mason sheds light on the way – he says that doctors have not been able to accurately calculate the expansion rate of this type of cancer. There wasn’t a system in place that could reliably categorize and differentiate the fast-growing tumors from the slower, benign ones. As a result, men who were afflicted weren’t getting the treatment they needed to combat the disease. In some cases, the treatment did nothing but add more painful side effects along the way.

There could be a great change in the prostate cancer landscape if the findings could be replicated on a much larger scale. Professor Malcolm Mason iterates that the cure for prostate cancer is within reach if this was made possible. Millions of men who are afflicted with the condition may very well find their quality of life improved and ultimately, live a longer life if the clinical trials continue.

Keep in mind that prostate cancer is the 2nd leading cause of death in the United States. The Cancer Society of America puts out some staggering numbers – there are around 27,000 deaths and more than 200,000 prostate cancer cases diagnosed during the last 5 years.

Does this mean that there’s hope yet for the men who have prostate cancer? The fact is, prostate cancer management has really improved leaps and bounds over the years, but more doctors are still skeptical about the new findings and recommend a “wait and watch” stance rather than aggressive treatment, i.e., prostate surgery.

But there’s no doubt that millions of families around the globe are affected by prostate cancer and its effects. The good thing is that prostate cancer treatment is becoming better each day, and it’s only a matter of time before the big C is conquered. The Cancer Society of America has published findings that all diagnosed prostate cancer cases have a 100% survival rate in the first 5 years, and that probability goes to around 90% in the succeeding 10 to 15 years.

Choosing The Best Prostate Natural Supplements

One of the best ways to maintain a healthy prostate is to take the best natural prostate supplements instead of unproven medications and drugs that could make the matter worse. Expensive surgeries may alleviate the symptoms but they are not the go-to solution to a healthier prostate gland. These kinds of prostate treatments will only address the symptoms but not the cause of the problem itself.

Prostate nutritional supplements and prostate pills are effective in eliminating some of the most inconvenient symptoms and side effects that are associated with prostate issues. When taken regularly, these supplements can serve to prevent anything happening to your prostate in the first place.

Here are our recommended prostate natural supplements (ones of the best prostate pills) for you:

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Prostate supplements work by blocking out the enzyme that converts essential testosterone to DHT. Moreover, prostate supplements improve your bladder functions, kidney performance and clear out the urinary tract of all foreign blockages.

Prostate supplements will certainly help if you’re worried about your prostate gland. You can get back essential functions and even reverse the signs and symptoms of prostate issues if you take them regularly and as prescribed by a qualified doctor.


The best prostate supplements are man’s best friends because they help them sleep through the night without worrying about waking up just to empty their bladders. Your flow of urine is restored and your prostate starts recovering. Any discomfort associated with prostate issues become smaller and less noticeable, eventually fading away.

There’s absolutely no harm in trying our recommended prostate supplement if you want to get back to a normal life with a normal prostate. Your PSA levels, prostate size and the urgency to urinate will decrease, then go away after a few months. Your quality of life will be restored and you’ll be free to live life without worries and the sense of uneasiness commonly associated with prostate problems and prostate diseases.

Keep in mind that the best prostate supplements we recommend are meant to be used for long term. You will definitely feel the effects of these prostate pills to satisfactory levels within a month or two, but in order to gain the maximum results, you should take them within the recommended period of 2 to 3 months.


  1. Men shouldn’t be embarassed about being healthy. There seems to be a stigma on men who want to take a natural healthy lifestyle change and I am sick of it. I came here to find a pill option for myself but I am sharing this page. More men need to accept help and be okay with being healthy. It isn’t all about beer and chicken wings!

  2. My doctor had me look through some options for natural prostate support and this page helped. I wrote down a few and he helped me pick the best one. Just wanted to thank whoever wrote it. He is going to send people to this page when they want to see about a more natural approach to prostate health.

  3. All older men need to read this.

    If you want to live to see your grandchildren marry, then take care of yourself. So many things out there change our health for the worst and it is worth investing in a natural supplement to protect yourself. Don’t just do it for you, do it for your future.

  4. My husband had a health scare recently and wanted me to look into natural supplements to ensure he stays healthy. After looking through these options, I narrowed it down to three and I will show them to him in the morning. Very happy to have found this site. Been super helpful!

  5. I wake up in the middle of the night with a strong feeling that I need to urinate. I have just turned 51. Would any of these prostate pills and natural supplements for prostate health help me?

    • I strongly recommend you go and see a doctor immediately. He/she can assess your current condition and recommend a course of action. You must not take any supplement before knowing if something is wrong.

    • After 50 all men are at risk so seeing a doctor is the right way to do it. It is probably nothing and you could also ask him about taking a prostate supplement.

      • Prostate Plus can be very helpful but you need a specialist’s ok before you take it. That’s what I did and I feel great now.

  6. I hate products that only address the symptoms and not the cause of the problem. I hope Prostate Plus is not one of those. I am going to test it out.

    • It’s definitely not. Most people that have used it are now recommending it to others. This will work but a doctor needs to see you first.

  7. 2 months after starting taking Prostate Plus and I’m feeling a lot better. I used to have to get up at night but that’s long gone.


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